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Tombstone, Arizona: A Tourist's Slice of History

Raise your hand if you've been to Tombstone, AZ.

Raise your had if you've never been, but it is on your list of places to visit.

Raise your hand if you've avoided it as a "tourist trap."

Now, which one of these wins? If you have been, you know it is a fun tourist spot, and well worth the visit. If you haven't been, but it is on your list, what are you waiting for? If you have chosen to avoid it because it is a "tourist trap," then you might want to change your perspective and put it back on the list.

Things you know before you go: It is geared for tourism and there are plenty of gift shops and things that cost more money than a person might want to spend. Since it is geared for tourism, if you do have some money to spend, there are manyAwq2aaaaaaaaaaaa2q fun things to do, such as mining tours, OK Corral shootout re-enactment, evening ghost tours, Boothill Cemetery, Hoesedrawn coach/wagon ride,


There is BLM free camping a few miles out of town, and there is an inexpensive dry camping rv park in town. #TombstoneAZ history and points of interest all wrapped up in a nice tourist attraction. etc... IMO, the best restaurants in town are OK Cafe and Big Nose Kate's Saloon. There is a privately owned dry camping RV park for $10.00/night within walking distance of all the action. The owner also has a business right there that srlls some grocery items. @Third and Survey Shopping. OK Cafe has gluten free toast!!! And they sprinkle cinnamon on the hot chocolate whipped cream. At OK, we were seated "European style" at a large table with 3 other people, so we got to meet some interesting travelers and had a very enjoyable breakfast & conversation. Not all seating is like that, but it was a busy weekend and they use the large table this way. Some of my food photos are after I ate some, so not as pretty. Hey, I was hungry.😊 Van Life Pantry - Nomadic Pantry