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March 14, 2023

The Glorious Bucket

Simply put, Linguistics is the study of language at a scientific level. It is the close and comprehensive examination of sound, structure, syntax, and other factors involved in language.

I recently had to discuss the linguistic qualities of several words. We had to choose a word we like and one we dislike. A peer chose "bucket" as the dislike, and challenged us to make it likable. 

My thoughts: I never thought to dislike the word bucket. In fact, I personally like the word. However, I see the point.

Anybody who has ever tried to carry a full bucket knows it is a knee knocker, and shin barker, an arm wrencher. And yet, it is a supremely useful tool. If you need a bucket, there is little else that can stand in effectively to do the job.

I can't change the sound of the word "bucket," but perhaps I can deliver a desirable tone to bring "bucket" closer to the calm serenity of the peer's most favored word, "serendipity." 

Does the following poem meet the challenge?

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The Glorious Bucket

Amid dusty desert village heat

Aimee wiped her sweaty brow

while turning the wooden crank

to draw up a glistening miracle

bucket of fresh water, a

pail of life, from

the only remaining well.

                ~Shonda Sinclair


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