Welcome To Our Website!!!
July 10, 2022

Nothing Holding Us Back!!!

Welcome to the New and Improved Web Page for "The Old Man's Podcast"!!!

We took a punch to the gut and there are those that had hoped it would have put us down for the count but, NO WAY BABY!!!!

Life is full of bumps and twists. Some would say that they are put in our way to stop us from moving on. I think, they are put in our way to bring GROWTH to our being. Remember as I have been saying for years, "If we ain't growing, we ain't living and if we ain't living we're dying!"

Getting this New Web Page up and running was a GIANT step in moving the Podcast forward. The old one was just lacking in so many ways, largely due to TOM (The Old Man) putting it together with zero knowledge of the ins and outs of making a web page. What was it lacking? Way too much to go into here.

During a "Podcast Parties Virtual Mixer" TOM connected with Dave Jackson of "School of Podcasting". Long story short, the contact with Dave birthed this New and Improved Web Page. There is so much going on in it that my head spins just navigating around. Dave did one AWESOME job! You can find more information on the School of Podcasting in our "Sponsors" section. GOOD TIMES!!!!

Great things are happening. We have several Guest Co-Hosts lined up to give a helping hand to TOM and Eric through the week. Grammi is willing to come down from her Ivory Tower Corporate Office and go Live with TOM now and then. WE ARE PLOWING AHEAD!!!!

So sit back, visit the LIVE Shows, Download them as well as past shows and ENJOY!!! The crew of The Old Man's Podcast appreciates each and everyone of you, THANKS for your continuing support!

Later Gators!!!

TOM ( The Old Man)