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Nov. 4, 2022

Library of Things: Borrow Useful Things

Library of Things: Borrow Useful Things

It's Christmas time! Oh, wait, maybe it is only the first week of November. Yep, just the first part of November, and nope, that does not stop CHRISTMAS TIME!!! If you don't celebrate Christmas, I apologize for my exuberance, but this time of year is my favorite. Not because Christmas is my favorite holiday, though arguably, it could very well be, but because I love the Fall weather and the slide into Winter. Ready or not, here it comes!

I love the click of my knitting needles as they work up soft, colorful yarn. This is the time of year to make gifts for people. I love scrunching under warm blankets and sipping steaming hot cocoa. I love gathering 'round a crackling fireplace with friends and family. I love walking outdoors in crisp day as my breath plumes before me.

Now is a perfect time of year to make use of the Library of Things. I suggest that if you do celebrate gift-giving holidays, give hand made gifts. Make them yourself or support a small business by purchasing their hand made creations. The Library of Things can help give you what you need to get started. What is "Library of Things"? It is a collection of useful objects that you can "check out" from your local library. If your library does not yet participate, ask them to begin.

I have seen a crochet set (you supply the yarn) that includes a pattern and instruction book and the crochet hook(s) to use in making items. I have seen a knitting set that includes a booklet and knitting needles. You might find baking sets that include baking pan, measuring cup(s), measuring spoon(s), holiday cookie cutters, and a baking book. Some of the kits include power tools, hand tools, gardening supplies, art supplies, beading and other craft supplies, and other such useful items.

The "Things" are usually held in kits/collections within locked duffel bags and are labeled with their contents. They are held on shelves in a particular area of the library, and you can meander the shelves to make your selection. If you are not a maker or crafter, there are often musical instruments, science kits, and sports equipment also available.

So get out there to  your library and check it out! Pick up a new hobby, renew an old hobby, help someone with a skill you can offer, make gifts for others, and enjoy the change of seasons. I will be over here knitting as quickly as my needles can go while I savor the warmth of a hot beverage and the beauty of early wintry weather coming down outside. See you at the library!