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July 4, 2022

I had some Challenges!!!

Life always seems to throw stuff at us and how we choose to react is key to survival. Albert Einstein said concerning reactions to conflict, “Weak people REVENGE, Strong people FORGIVE, Intelligent People IGNORE.”

We can choose to enter into the arena filled with hate and anger and become engulfed by those feelings OR we can choose to IGNORE, except what is and move on. The choice is all ours.

The latest test that came my way at the beginning of June would make for a great novel. Betrayal, Lies and Deceit all with a large amount of anger, hatred and blind rage fueled by secret voices whispering into ears hungry to be mislead. All in an attempt to destroy a successful mission. The plan worked to the degree of destroying a 2 year partnership between me and “My #1” and as we parted ways, I remember something I was told, “One Monkey doesn’t make a Circus”.

I could dive deeper into the events, I could defend myself from the lies but I chose silence. I did have one friend who called me and asked me for myside of the story because the only side being spread was that of the aggressor. I left it in the hands of Karma and we all know what they say about her.

So I moved on. The Vision and Mission a bit bruised and bloodied but still intact and moving forward. My Integrity still in place, my eyes still on the prize, how? Because I chose the correct path for the battle, I chose to ignore as all Intelligent people should.

Remember, it’s not the Battle but rather how we choose to react to the Battle that makes or breaks us. Pick your Battles wisely.

“We all are just one decision away from a different life. Take heed to those who whisper in your ear telling you what you “NEED” to do. It’s not their Life that’s about to get turned upside down”.