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Aug. 26, 2022

Falling into September

Falling into September

     We are almost on the threshold of the month of September, the first of the "ber" months that round out the tail end of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, we start the year in the dark of winter. We have trekked through cold, dark days and into the blossoms of spring. Summer heat arrived on the heels of thundrous electrical storms and welcome rains. Like a good story, the tension builds with the ebb and flow of plot.

     Winter is a time of dormancy and rest and quiet and dark. Spring is a time of exploding life and erratic weather patterns. Summer brought its heat, humidity, summer storms (sometimes too much rain!), and FUN. Hallmarks of the summer season include vacations, picnics, cookouts, camping, hiking, fishing, playing, and just plain sitting outside and enjoying the sun. Summer is for gathering, uniting, traveling, and eating yummy foods cooked outdoors.

     Have you had your fill of hot dogs, s'mores, roasted marshmallows, potato salad, macaroni salad (do people still eat macaroni salad?), and barbecue? If you haven't yet had your fill, next weekend is the time to get out there and enjoy. Summer doesn't officially end on the calendar until September 21, but there is a marked difference in the air when the calendar turns from August to September.

     September tumbles us into the fall season and begins the time of harvest and preparation for the coming dark days of winter. Fall is a time of industrious activity and transition. The cycles of life continue on, whether we participate or not. Let's grab life by the string and hold on while that kite soars and twists and sways. Let's make this transition memorable. We have reached the peak of the year, and are on the back side of the story, winding down to the dark and cold days of knitting, blankets, hot drinks, and sweaters.

     Breathe deeply, be present in the moment, remember to be thankful for all that you have, reach out to your loved ones and hold them tight, and enjoy this transition in to SeptemBER.