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Nov. 26, 2022

Each Day Is A New Opportunity

Each Day Is A New Opportunity

Each morning holds the full promise of a new day. Each morning is a new chance to approach the day with a clean slate, to make progress, to plan, and to quietly reflect. Today has all the possibility to be a great day. Tomorrow will be another brand new day, and each and every day dawns with the same clean slate, the same chance to accomplish tasks and goals, the same opportunity to squeeze every precious drop out of living, the same promise.

I started holiday season mindset on November 1 because I love this season. Today there will be a carriage ride, a tree lighting, hot cocoa, and song. Today there will be festive twinkly lights and plumes of frosty breath rising into the cold air. Today there is also obligation. Chores that must be accomplished. Goals to reach. Pets to feed. I try to approach even the chores with a glad heart. Truth be told, I try to hold that mindset year-round. It is a choice, vibrancy. On days when you feel low, it is a hard choice to make. You need it most on those days.

I am sitting in my warm blanket cocoon taking care of keyboard obligations before I begin the festivities. I am reflecting on the day and how I would like it to progress. I am anticipating the whipped cream on my hot cocoa. I am anticipating joy on the faces of my family and friends. I am giving thanks for my existence and my ability to meaningfully contribute something to others. We all have the same chance each day to make the day meaningful. We each have the same opportunity to be grateful. We can each make an impact in small and large ways. Every day. 

You don’t have to celebrate holidays to practice joy and pass out kindness. Today, I am happy, glad, thankful, expectant. If you are not, make the choice to be those things. Settle for nothing less. Savour the day. Help others delight in the day just by letting your exuberance for living overflow. No minutes here are guaranteed. Make all of them count.