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March 3, 2023

Author Highlights - Sandeep Adnani


     Our Author Highlights series is our way of engaging with authors and bringing them to our listening and viewing audience. We recently had author Sandeep Adnani as a guest on our morning live podcast show. You can find that February 27, 2023 show on theoldmanspodcast.com as show #723. The segment begins at the 5:50 mark, and runs for about 24 minutes. You can also find the interview as a stand-alone podcast post here.

     Sandeep has written five fiction books: a Metaphysical Visionary Fiction trilogy, and two stand-alone stories in the Sci-Fi Romance and Mystery/Suspense genre categories. He explained in his mellifluous voice that he has been self-published up to now, and he is currently querying publishing agents for a new book he is writing. His books are available on Amazon.com, and he plans to continue self-publishing some of his works even though others may find traditional publishers. You can read his author bio to learn about the awards he has received for his works. His Exiled Rogue series is available on Audible.com, narrated by Simon Atkins, with a running length of 17 hours, 9 minutes.

     His latest book, which is not yet published, is a nonfiction book that will showcase "life reflections from a counseling perspective" (6:18). In addition to being an author, he is a mental health professional based in Melbourne. Sandeep will self-publish this nonfiction book to commemorate the anniversary of his first five years as a mental health counselor. He will seek traditional publication for an upcoming Sci-Fi Romance he is writing, so please mark his author page and follow his blog for updates on his newest publications.

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