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Feb. 22, 2023

Author Highlights - Lon Varnadore

The Old Man's Podcast is on a mission to help promote other people's creative endeavors. We are now beginning a series I have entitled "Author Highlights" to help authors promote their published works.

We have partnered with Overlord Services to cross-promote various authors here on the blog and on our podcast. I hope to introduce you, our readers, to new and exciting authors you may not have otherwise discovered. Some may be traditionally published by larger publishing houses, some may be traditionally published by indie publishers, and some will certainly be self-published.

This week, we got to meet Lon Varnadore. He is a self-published author who writes science fiction and fantasy for adult readers. His fantasy is couched in the sub-genres of urban fantasy noir, high fantasy, and gaslamp fantasy. It took him seven years to finish and publish his first book. After reaching and surpassing that first hurdle, he has become quite prolific. His books are available on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, and now also Kindle Vella. If you haven't experienced a serial novel, you might want to head over to Kindle Vella to give one a try.

Lon Varnadore has published one of his stories as a serial entitled The Maester's Ring, on Kindle Vella, with 17 episodes available.  He has published a trilogy that he calls a "space opera adventure" entitled Junker Blues (#1, Mars - #2, The Belt - #3, Europa), available on Amazon. He has several other titles also available on Amazon, including a four-book series called the Known World Series (#1, Crimson Planet - #2, Space Ranger: Mars - #3, Witch Mountain - #4, Ironmongers).

Listen to The Old Man's Podcast episode this Friday, February 24, 2023 to hear a clip of our interview with the author. You can also find the full interview as a stand-alone podcast episode by searching Lon Varnadore on our Podcast page.

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