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Sept. 2, 2022

The Old Man's Podcast Reaches 600 Shows!!

The Old Man's Podcast Reaches 600 Shows!!

     How many things in life have you done 600 times? Today, we celebrate the 600th Episode of The Old Man's Podcast! To commemorate this accomplishment, I thought we could discuss the number 600 and what it means to get to 600 times doing something. If you translate 600 days into months, that is nineteen continuous months. You probably have brushed your teeth 600 times, but If you are younger than nineteen months old, you have not reached this goal yet (because someone else is doing it for you). Keep striving!

     For those of us old enough to have maintained our own hygiene for longer than nineteen months, we have brushed our teeth, put on our socks and shoes, dressed ourselves, and combed our hair well over 600 times. But, what of those things that are not daily requirements? What of those things that you wanted to do outside of daily obligations? Reaching milestones takes perseverance, and The Old Man certainly has shown that he has what it takes to persevere. I have been knitting for well over 15 years, and I don't believe I have yet made 600 items.

     I have been writing snippets, stories, and poems my entire life, and I have yet to reach 600 completed anythings. It takes one at a time, built upon the one before it, and built upon those again, to reach a goal. Here at The Old Man's Podcast, I am happy to be a part of the journey. Here, there is no boasting about making it to something that others have not achieved. There is only a celebration of having made a new milestone, whatever that milestone happens to be. We celebrate every 100th show, and if we make it to 700, we will celebrate again. If you make it to ten of something, we will celebrate with you. If you make it to 100, we will celebrate with you again. We are cheering you on, just as we are cheering for having met a milestone ourselves.

     Fun information about 600:

     Here is a list of 600 basic important nouns in the English language: 


    600 at-bats in a season:


     Home runs per 600 at-bats:


   Information about the Polaroid 600 Instant Camera:


     How to convert 600 Watts to Amps:


Happy 600th show! Happy Friday to you all! Keep going...